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How to buy Xiaomi Mi3 Sure Shot without seeing Out of Stock Again?

Do you see again Out of Stock error on Flipkart within seconds. Are you wondering how? 
That because this time Flipkart has put 20,000 mobile pieces on sale, and the flipkart website mechanism works in such a way, that whoever simply click "Buy Now" button will be treated as a "Sale". So at 2PM out of 2lakh registrants even if 20 thousand people hit the button, you would see this error.

Are you wondering how to buy a Mi3 Mobile from Flipkart? 
individually all that you can do it keep hitting the Buy Button. Well there are few third party websites who are creating a mechanism where a customer can get the mobile sure shot. Check out.

Five (5) Best Advertisements of 2013

Out of all ads aired, I picked up The Five 5 Best Advertisements of 2013. Though most of the ads are targeted to different audience for different purpose. I choose the list based on three criteria, content, clarity, and whether the message has been passed through the advertisement.

I don't want to rate it top 5 this time, so just posting the five best advertisements of 2013.

Airtel Ad
Itti si khushi itti si hasi.

The content is simple, the song selection from movie Barfi, suits the plot. And most importantly touches the right nerve of the people clicking soft corner of human where every on could relate to it. It also throws a positive side where a impaired girl, can communicate as simple and effective as a normal person do.  And at the same time, the purpose of the ad is to promote the product of Rs.1 a song/day.

ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Bande Ache Hai ICICI Bank
Per Bande Ache Hai.

This advertisement targets the light and sensitive side of male member of the family, who are said to be good at heart and do protect there loved ones in some or other way on daily basis. Its a beautiful directed and content ad, where it could reach to the male audience instantly and connect to it. After a series of things what a family male member do, which are more often not appreciated or ignored are seen in this ad. Ending the advertisement with the Insurance product, can give a sense of feeling to protect and insure there family.

Google Inc.
Google Search: Reunion

For the very first time, Google has aired a new of its kind advertisement highlighting how partition has divided countries, but still friendships find a way. A story of friendship, separation due to partition (India and Pakistan) and reunion is been marvelously executed and presented with very few characters and with a strong emotional content. The highlight of the advertisement is the Back Ground Score (BGM) and a negligible negative is the length of the ad.

Made for first Love

Vodafone has the best advertisement agency/team (mostly Oligvy and Mather) from the past four years with new and creative ads coming up every IPL season right from ZooZoo Ads.
The First Love experience is the content made and targeted the Youth and they nailed it. 

Handling a sensitive subject is same as handling a knife. Its a usually affair to see jewelry for marriage cermony, but for a change Tanishq has targeted a net set of people, who never been identified before or dare to raise the word was Re-Marriage. Beautifully executed, with wonderful BGM ( picked for Ar Rahman's Rockstar soundtrack). 

Must Have Free Cool Apps for Android

Here are few must have cool apps for your Android based mobile phones.  All these apps are free of cost , virus free and available on authentic downloaded site of Google PlayStore.

UC Browser
The app comes with a very user friendly interface with an ample of features and options including incognito/ hidden pages and offline pages browing option.
It also block advertisements and provide a attractive ad-free webpages. The other alternative available under this section are Dolphin, Opera, Chrome, Firefox browser.

This is one of a wonderful and very effective free application available on Playstore. This app will help you in capturing excellent pictures (upto 1280px) even with you low performance default camera of the mobile phone. It has few features which captures soothing pictures but unfortunately doesn't work great in dark/night without light and doesn't come with zooming and timer option. This app comes with an "Tap the screen" to click the picture option which allow to capture self pictures with ease.

A small but a great application which will helps in displaying most of the names of the number listed in the truecaller directory. This app will activate once you receive a call and displays the name of the caller. One can also manually check by inputting the mobile number and it works across the globe. If you want to remove your name from the Truecaller directory, you can get register and remove it.  This app also helps in call / sms blocking from number without any limitation.

Avast! Mobile Secutiry & Antivirus.
A completely free antivirus app which can protect your mobile with virus, malware, or from any other devices you connect it.  The app will automatically scan the mobile including memory Internal and External SD card and keep virus free.

MusiXmatch Lyrics Player
A cool app with loads lyrics automatically one you start playing the song within no time.  Mostly all English and most of the Hindi song's lyrics and, few popular Tamil and Telugu songs are available.  It provides you can option to auto sync the lyrics if you find its not in proper sync.  Added advantage of this app is once the lyrics are downloaded it doesn't require Internet/gprs/wifi to display on later play.  This is best among the other lyrics app available in the market.

Auto Call Recorder
This app in default automatically records all ( or selected as per your choice) incoming and outgoing calls with a good clarity upto 100 (free) allowing you to save the calls (unlimited) on later at one click.  This app work seamlessly without any hassle.

Super Backup
If you want to take a back up of your contacts or SMS or apps, this is the best app which allows to take backup and send it to other device or email with a click. A very user friendly free app and comes in small package.

Clean Master
Is you phone performance is slow or the memory is full or your RAM's memory is used mostly by internal app this will allow to clean it at one go and also allows to easy uninstall the unnecessary apps and also provides the statistics and the list of the uninstalled apps files and folders remained in the phone and remove at one tap.

Want to download Ringtones / Themes / Pictures, this app will allow to download ringtones out of hundreds of list available.

A Simple Answer for Tell Me About Yourself?

Irrespective of any interview, the very first question is Say About Yourself? To tell something about yourself is that really a big deal, Yes it is.  If it is really simple, interviewers would have gone for next common question to start the conversation, which they didn't so far.

My Simple Interview mantra #1 to score: "Tell only those things, what an interviewer want to listen from you".

I would like to share a "day of my campus interview experience". I suggest you to always do some basic ground work on the profile, company, possibly the interviewer (if you know anything) or the kind of process they do if you have time and interest. If not just be active and be SMART! (I often hear from HR professional and other counterpart that in this present competitive market situation the fresher or even experienced candidate required spoon feeding, and zeal to learn is very low). Now scoring a point is simple, as you know what is the requirement and what exactly you have to project).

Well the profile which I have applied requires someone with very good writing, reading, and communication skills along with basic fundamental subject knowledge, which more or less every profile demand.

Just before an hour of interview I did few tweaks:

  1. Added few notes and appointments in my mobile scheduler.
  2. Made sure I have written all my strengths in the negative or weakness section of the interview form and there are many weakness over strength with a purpose.
  3. Ensured that my resume is Short and Simple and doesn't have anything which I'm going to answer the 'Tell me about yourself question' and highlighted those words which will prompt the interviewer to know about it.
  4. And of course a real cum fabricated story to support my strengths. ( remember if the number of weaknesses mentioned are more than strengths its very oblivious that the emphasis on the weakness, and you know that those are your strengths in fact and you have a supporting story/idea on it).
  5. If you are experienced. ( You have already scored a point, all required is to do is, prove your experience).

My Simple answer for TELL ME ABOUT YOURSELF was, My name is XXX. I'm a permanent resident of XYZ City and did all my schooling in XYZ City. I'm learned basics of Commerce from my Intermediate education and pursued the same in graduation and later in my master's education and I performed fairly in grades too.  Post my graduation I got an opportunity to work for one of the leading MNC as an "ABC role", which has given me a great platform to know about the working culture and different dynamics of the work. Later I relieved from the company and pursued my masters and now I'm here in find of another opportunity which I am very comfortable .

Why I projected in such way?

  •  " permanent resident" - because the profile requires someone for local  and doesn't give priority for relocation as it is immediate joining position.
  • Emphasis on Commerce: Its requires purely someone from commerce background through out the career with better grades.
  • Job description said, "Experience is plus".
  • I had an irrelevant experience, so my emphasis was on ready to adopt the new dynamics and culture of work.
  • and finally "I am very comfortable"; driving the next question, Comfortable? How? The profile required someone very good in Writing, Reading and Communication, which you say that its your weakness?

Now this question was prompted by me and I have got the answer for it too.

I mentioned it in my weakness because I started learning and I'm working on it and still in short for proficiency yet. The question raises is, its your Weakness and you are aiming for being Proficient? What are you dong to overcome?
Yes, I have started writing articles as a freelancer and newsletter for college articles and started blogging recently too. (Point scored, Blogging!! what is that all about)

 Interview mantra #2: "Take the interview discussion the way you want to take it".

Weakness #2: Poor at Scheduling / Procrastinating / Postponing.
Here comes those notes/appointment loaded in mobile as response how you are overcoming it.

After few more such goals, finally comes WHY SHOULD I HIRE YOU?

Simple, I'm can very confidently say that I take this role as an challenge which is in line with both my personal and professional goals. With my  little proven records and the capabilities I hold I seamlessly perform and meet the requirements and will try to give a value addition to the business.

This is just one of my experiences, which may or may not go in line with your world of facing interview.  If you can post your questions or any difficulties you are facing, we may help out on very customized answers.

Facebook is down. New Year!

Facebook servers are down, and page cannot be loaded. (This webpage is not available). is not loading because of this reason.  Zynga Inc has shut down 11 of its games from facebook today. New Creative Indian Advertisements - TVC

Here comes Groupon India, which made its presence full fledged in major cities of India with its crazy deals. It associated with Ideas@work (Ideas at Work) media agency for its TV commercials for its branding with fresh and creative advertisements which are already on air.

All Advertisements of Groupon

#1:  Old Lady - Karate Lesson and Massage Deals

#2: Food Restaurant Deals

#3: Kitchen Cutlery Deals.

#4: Travel Deals

Top 3 Careers that People with an MBA Should Consider

Written by Mary Madsen— writer for Bellevue University providing degrees in healthcare management to getting your MBA. Visit for more information.
An MBA degree provides a huge range of career options for people to consider. There are obviously lots of things involved in determining why people with MBA's choose the various careers they do. Three of the more popular and highest paying occupations that an MBA helps to qualify a person for are listed below:

1. Engineering Managers

Many people with MBA's go on to get an advanced technical degree as well. This qualifies them to apply for some of the highest paying MBA jobs. A great example of this would be engineering managers that direct engineering and architecture departments.

Overseeing technical development

Engineering managers lead their teams from product creation to completion. They are responsible for overseeing the technical development of products and related services while keeping a support team organized, sustained, and in sync with the team productions goals and corporate strategy.

Bridging the technical and corporate worlds

Engineering managers often oversee R&D, manufacturing, product development and design, and many other things. Engineering managers need a well rounded educational base because they usually need to bridge two worlds, the technical world with that of the corporate world. They need to be able to understand and speak the language of the highly technical world and yet understand, relate to and communicate with corporate planners and leaders.

2.Marketing Managers

Marketing managers do lots of things and have lots of responsibilities depending on the nature and size of the company. Most are responsible for their firm’s marketing strategy. This involves identifying the appropriate markets and creating demand for the products and services offered by the company.

Pricing strategies and new products

Often times they take an active role in identifying the right pricing strategies and finding new markets to penetrate. They also help in the development of new products. A good marketing manager has a complete understanding of the target markets and what motivates the consumer base that is in them.

Many types of marketing managers

Large companies frequently have different types of marketing managers:
·         Product Marketing Managers
·         Business Marketing managers
·         Branding Managers
·         Relationship Marketing Managers
·         Social Marketing Managers

3. Chief Executive Officers (CEOs)

Chief executive officers rank as the highest paying MBA jobs. CEOs are in charge of the overall company strategy, they oversee all the employees and they make all major business decisions. They are ultimately responsible for the company’s performance.

The pressure of being responsible for performance and profitability

The CEO reports to the board of directors. Since the CEO is responsible for all employees and for the performance and profitability of the company, they are usually under constant pressure. A good CEO handles pressure well, has excellent communications skills and has expertise in the industry the company is in as well as a broad understanding of business principles.

Great personal and financial rewards

When CEOs don't perform as desired within a predetermined time frame, their tenure may be abruptly ended and another candidate is brought in who can deliver the desired objectives of the board of directors. Nevertheless, a good CEO who gets the job done can reap great personal and financial rewards.
If you are getting an MBA, those are three of the occupations that should be considered. Obviously, your personal aptitude, interests and real life experience need to be taken into consideration. It is more important to find an occupation that is a good fit than one that seems to be lucrative and desirable. 

Google Doodle for Doom's day Special.

What can you expect from the last day of the world, as per the Mayan calender.  Well the Dooms day is just around the corner, and countries like Australia entered the date and said to be still safe and the least you can expect from Google's doodle could be this, a empty logo to make your search. "Wait and watch this space."

And The Last Man on Earth is Not Alone.